Some of the evaluations of clients and partners:

He has got a wide experience in the field of IT and compliance (especially the Sarbanes Oxley Act).

He has also achieved excellent results as a policymaker and change manager in a large organization.

He is well able to communicate his strategic views with sufficient persuasion.

His executives and his team members appreciate him as a fast and thorough organizer.

He is able of analyzing and pinpointing the real problem and come up with a creative and efficient solution.

He is a people manager pur sang.

Danny has the skills to assure that the people involved in the process are aware of their role and responsibilities, are able to execute their activities and do have positive attitudes towards the process.

Spearheads a multicultural team and motivates towards the common goal. Team loves to work with his directions. His emotional and rational involvement with team results in people staying with a project and working harder. Danny practises a fare and equal opportunity approach in his team.


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